More than 40% of the population living in the Netherlands has a foreign background. Unfortunately, healthcare-related information is often fragmented and not easily accessible to non-Dutch speaking clients. The objective of Access to Health is to help residents with international background to reach the Dutch primary health care system.  


Access to Health is a combination of practices by me, Zhi Li, a Chinese-speaking psychologist living in the Netherlands. In over 10 years of exploring, settling and building a new life in the Netherlands, and while working very closely with international students, expats and immigrants and their families and other professionals, I realised that making services and information avaliable and connecting clients with right helpers can empower them to achieve the basic right to be healthy mentally and physically.


Work and useful resources

As a psychologist, I've gained over 2,000 hours of experience in client work, mainly with individuals with international backgrounds. Next to my work as a counselor, I have been collecting and making available useful healthcare-related information for clients with foreign background (currently available in Chinese only, please use Google for translation in English):


•  Knowledge Bank (kennisbank) for Clients 

blog (中文信息库)

• Yellow Page with Chinese-Speaking Psychologists 



My wish is to be able to expand these resources in the future and to make them available in other languages  as well (mainly English and Dutch). Additionally, I am aiming at:


• Creating a professional network for psychologists/coaches working with Asian clients; 

• Developing a knowledge bank (Kennisbank) for working with Chinese/Asian clients;

• Expanding the yellow page to psychologists/helpers that can speak various languages.


If you are interested to be part of any of these projects, do not esitate to contact me.


Feel free to contact me for any questions via my email address zhi.li.work(at)gmail.com.

(This website is under construction. More information is coming soon!)